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tumblr boys
Q: Im from the us and came with my family to Britain and i meet this hot fut at a coffee shop and we ended up on the floor laughing really hard in a puddle of coffee and whipped cream...he said he has a tumblr but i lost his url fml or not
Asked by kalidragon99
Q: I've liked this one guy in my grade for a while now. He's been in a bunch of my classes and because our last names start with the same letter we generally end up sitting next to Eachother (when the teacher assighns seats) and cus we have mutual friends in the same class. But litteraly he's everything I look for in a guy. Now what?
Asked by cliche-mermaid
Q: Which is better Pizza Hut or papa johns I'm hungry and I'm thinking of ordering some later
Asked by 0mq4ubrey
Q: I need advice what's better , Burger King or subway , can't decide
Asked by beyourselfnoonesbetter
Q: Do guys look at race as a priority? O.O
Asked by 14-experiences
Q: There's this one boy who was my bestfriend but now he's a total ass. He thinks I'm jealous of him and every girl he dates. I don't know what this means. Help?
Asked by sara-beth-carver
Q: Well my friends say you give awesome advice, and I am well in need of awesome advice. Is Quiznos better than Subway?
Asked by losangelesque
Q: How should I tell my boyfriend I don't want to have sex with him yet? I tried telling him that I don't want to yet and he got upset. I think it's the way I worded it that upset him. I really love him and see a future with him but I'm not ready to have sex yet. I don't know what to do. Help?
Asked by romanempire143
Q: why do boys act like morns when they're not around girls ,but when they are they act like gentlemens?
Asked by lovekla4fan
Q: Ok so this guy and i started to chat for like a week now and he wants so send "pics" and he has abs and a V line and all that and I don't should i send him some pics?
Asked by youmakemeomg