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tumblr boys
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Q: I hooked up with this guy who said he loved me and told me alot of sweet things,he told me he was single but i found out he has a gf and he left me he heartbroken What should I do ?
Asked by hemaniponsamy
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Q: I went out with this boy for about a month. It wasn't too serious just kissing and a little groping, a few weeks ago he dumped me for no reason- and told me we could stay friends. Well he's already moving on and has two girls he's into, I try to move on and he gets angry, if he wanted me I'd go back to him because we have history- but these mixed messages are killing me. I really want to move on and find someone who will respect me but I don't know where to go from here. Any advice?
Asked by catsareforsquares
Q: There's this guy I dated 2 months ago and ever since we broke up (he broke up with me) he's been a real jerk and a week ago I found out my best friend was dating him and that she was the one that told him to break up with me... What should I do?
Asked by beachfreak99
Q: I never feel as though I matter. Im rarely happy but people wouldnt know that because I keep it in. I keep everything in. Ive never had my first kiss havent had a boyfriend either. I dont really mind not having one its just that it seems as if boys don't find me attractive like at all. I get great grades Im a fun person and have lots of friends and a few close ones so its not like Im anti-social or anything. I cant say what I want without being judge its hard. Im hurting and dont know what todo
Asked by jamesarthurisperf
Q: Me & my boyfriend are on & off. He's a jealous type & he thinks I'm not faithful. I stopped talking to a lot of people for him. What should i do?
Asked by sophlevass
Q: Why don't guys take The first step when they like you and they know you like them too? It's so complicated..
Asked by feel-beyoutiful