sydneyshaea asked:

What do you see best in a girl?

tumblr bois Answer:

Generally, if she doesn’t look like a serial killer or meth addict, then that’s a pretty good sign.

swaggycecilia asked:

I've done the "first move" many times and yea i'm a girl. Everytime i've done it guys just ignore... Why? Can u help me?😔

tumblr bois Answer:

Fuck that they’re missing out.

baeeforever01 asked:

Ok so 3 boys like me and they asked me out on different days and I said I'll tell them when I decide and I don't know if I should date one of them. Help?

tumblr bois Answer:

If being asked out by 3 different boys is the pinnacle of needing help, then fuck me sideways.

Pick the one you like most. If you don’t like any then reject them all.

demi-27 asked:

Do you think that a year and a half age difference is too much of an age difference???

tumblr bois Answer:

Not at all.

maddieelouiseeposts asked:

hey, I am new to tumblr and I was just wondering weather you could follow me and help me get some more followers? Also can you message me and give me some tips and advice on how to get my blog bigger and better and maybe gain some more followers, much appreciated. Maddie xoxo

tumblr bois Answer:

Step 1. Take a photo with a shoe on your head and post it.
Step 2. ?
Step 3. Profit

hunterhayesmycountryprince asked:

Okay. So this is like urgent. So me and the guy I like go to church together. We don't really talk much but he always looks and smiles at me. I'm really shy when I talk to him. How do I talk to him tonight?!?!? Thanks!!

tumblr bois Answer:

Ask to pray the rosary with him. Bitches love rosary.

cantuguy asked:

Can i be on your page? I would be so happy

tumblr bois Answer:

ojshock asked:

Do you know what its like to have no one ever like you? Well i do, I'm not skinny, why do guys care about size?

tumblr bois Answer:

Honestly, size is directly proportionate to health. If you’re too big, you’re unhealthy, in the same respect being too skinny is unhealthy. So to answer your question why do guys care about size, is because more than likely a guy would not want to invest time in to someone that is unhealthy unless there is a much bigger reason for it.

What i’m not saying is size represents personality, and it doesn’t. I know many people of all sizes who are really cool people. Would I particularly date them but? Probably not, in the same respect many people would not date a smoker as it’s unhealthy.

aonceuponasheilah asked:

so I've been doing long distance relationships since lil 8th grade. but that was when i was in kansas. Now that I'm in colorado I've been trying to talk to guys that have lived closer to me. But most the guys i talk to are either assholes or they smoke weed (i can't be around weed because my lungs) anyways i like this guy named sam that goes to my school. but see i don't know how to get him to like me for me. and also i don't know what he thinks of me in a person. what do i do?

tumblr bois Answer:

Well this is actually quite easy. First you make it quite subtle you’re in to him by randomly bumping in to him in the corridors at your school and looking back as you run past giving him a nice wink. Do this for a couple weeks. Then one day, you do the classic book drop as you hit in to him and because he’s a gentlemen he’ll offer to help pick up your books and this is when you take your chance at being all cutesy and flirting with him. Make sure you flirt with him enough so that he knows you may perhaps be in to him, however not so much to make it obvious you want to jump his bones, because nothings worse than a girl that doesn’t put in some game. After your encounter, before you head off, ask him if he wants to smoke weed with you, then rip out your carefully crafted Gatorade smoking paraphernalia from your weed leaf backpack and pull a straight ripper from it whilst directly making eye contact with him. Pass it over to him and if he coughs then he’s not the one for you and you should repeat all these steps with someone else.