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tumblr boys
Q: There's this one boy who was my bestfriend but now he's a total ass. He thinks I'm jealous of him and every girl he dates. I don't know what this means. Help?
Asked by sara-beth-carver
Q: Well my friends say you give awesome advice, and I am well in need of awesome advice. Is Quiznos better than Subway?
Asked by amour-misery
Q: How should I tell my boyfriend I don't want to have sex with him yet? I tried telling him that I don't want to yet and he got upset. I think it's the way I worded it that upset him. I really love him and see a future with him but I'm not ready to have sex yet. I don't know what to do. Help?
Asked by romanempire143
Q: why do boys act like morns when they're not around girls ,but when they are they act like gentlemens?
Asked by lovekla4fan
Q: Ok so this guy and i started to chat for like a week now and he wants so send "pics" and he has abs and a V line and all that and I don't should i send him some pics?
Asked by youmakemeomg
Q: Hi, so idk if my boyfriend is mad at me but yesterday I was chilling with him, and when we were kissing I stopped, asked him a question saying if he closes his eyes and he replied no And I said that was creepy And idk if he got offended or something but I regret saying that. And he was like what time is it? And it was late, he said he had to go, he got up and said you coming? And I said I wanted to stay there, so he just left. And after I texted him if he was mad, he saw it and didn't reply back
Asked by chelsyyx3
Q: So here's the thing. Im going to a camp in the beggining of august and there will be both girls and guys of all ages. Because of that, im sure i will fall in love, but i dont know how to get a guy's attention. What attracts your attention ?
Asked by lexi-the-foxy
Q: I kinda like this guy. I'm 13, he's 16. I've fallen for him as a person and then found out his age. he is so sweet but he lives like 10 hours away from me. I think he likes my friend. should I tell him I like him? I don't want to make things awkward.
Asked by swegmasteryas
Q: How come none of the guys in my class can talk to girls
Asked by ambysully
Q: Hey, I told this boy I liked him through his best friend, but then he called me a scuff and said why would I go out with u, it's been a week now he's started talking to me again and added me on Facebook? What should I do, carry on liking him or leave him?
Asked by shansblogs